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For any questions, please write to the EASY Project Manager Sara Primiterra at

Webinar on Dashboard (07.03.2022) 

Dashboard User Manual (2022) by AEC

EASY Manual 2020 for International relations coordinators - updated 5 October

to get the letterhead templates please see the files uploaded on the EASY webinar Page in the tab Photos and Documents - Reading Material and Templates

EASY Manual for students 2022 

EASY Webinar 24th September 2021

8:44 Updated Code of Conduct

38:00 Tips and Tricks

1:17:39 Demostrations by Dreamapply

          1:17:40 How to change admin's settings

          1:21:40 How to use the Journal and which notifications can be activated

          1:26:38 How to add the study plan

          1:37:02 How to change the automatic messages to incoming students when you change their application status

          1:45:24 Letterheads and Content Markers

1:54:03 New Developments

2:09:11 EASY and Erasmus Without Papers. New Learning Agreement

Download HERE the PDF presentation of the EASY Webinar 2021

EASY Webinar 1st October 2020

1) Introduction: EASY Updates 2020/21 - The EASY Manual 2020, developments with EWP, system improvements for the upcoming year, how to join EASY by Sara Primiterra: 00m00s

2) General Introduction about the system: the difference between internal and external institutions, the workflow of Students and Internal Coordinators by Regine Brosius: 15m04s

3) Institutional profile set up by Breck Shuyler, Dreamapply: 25m53s

4) Application Form and Tables by Jose Luis Fernandez: 44m07s

5) Managing Applications by Lucia di Cecca: 01h18m17s

6) Letterheads by Breck Shuyler and Jose Luis Fernandez: 01h34m30s

7) Learning Agreement by Breck Shuyler and Kert Kivaste: 02h00m52s

8) EASY Code of Conduct and Tips and Tricks by Sara Primiterra: 02h32m07s

 9) Live Questions and Answers Session with participants: 02h51m26s  

Other documents and presentations:

Workflow for Students and Coordinators in EASY

Workflow for External Institutions in EASY

EASY Updates October 2020

Application form and Export Tables

Managing Applications in EASY