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New EASY support material published in 2018-19 

EASY Webinar 21 January 2019 - First Part

EASY Webinar 21 January 2019 - Second Part

Workflow for Students and Coordinators in EASY

Workflow for External Institutions in EASY

EASY Code of Conduct 2018-19

EASY Standard Application Form Guide 2018-19

List of Deleted Extra Fields from the Application Form Section as of 30th October

Presentations Given at the EASY Workshop - Birmingham, 13th September 2018

Introduction to the EASY Project for New Institutions by Lucia Di Cecca

Introduction to EASY Workflow of Students and Coordinators by Hanneleen Pihlak

Feedback from EASY users 2017-18 and possible developments by Sara Primiterra and Breck Shuyler

EASY workflow for External Institutions by Sara Primiterra

EASY Code of Conduct including Standard Application form Fields by Sara Primiterra

Setting Up a New Institution - Workshop by Breck Shuyler

Export Tables and Application Form - Workshop by Jose Luis Fernandez

Managing Incoming and Outgoing Applications - Workshop by Lucia Di Cecca

Generating Letter Templates - Workshop by Hanneleen Pihlak

EASY Manuals published 2017 - 18

EASY Set up

How to manage the status of your applications in EASY

Sharing an Application with the Reviewers

NEW: Sharing Multiple Applications

Generating Letter Templates

How to Generate Export Tables

Learning Agreement - tutorial for students

Learning Agreement - tutorial for Coordinators

Learning Agreement Demonstration - from 28/06/2018 webinar