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NEWS: New temporary contact person in the AEC office for EASY and Removal of all EASY internal institutions from the EWP Manifest

Dear EASY users,

Happy New Year! Thank you for confirming/subscribing for EASY as internal users for the current academic year. With this email I would like to inform you about two important changes regarding EASY:

New temporary contact person in the AEC office for EASY
As of 17th January, Konstantinos Aspiotis will be the substitute contact person in the AEC office for EASY during my maternity (January-October). You can reach him at and/or

Removal of all EASY internal institutions from the EWP Manifest
Because of technical issues during the final phase of testing of the EASY Learning Agreement’s connection with the EWP network, we decided to temporarily remove all EASY internal institutions from the AEC’s EWP Manifest. This means that, for the time being, the EASY learning agreement (Dream Agreement) is not connected to the EWP and EASY users can all activate the connection between their Dashboard profile and OLA (please see the Dashboard settings attached) in order to be able to use and sign OLAs there without creating duplicates in the network.

Please note that:
- You can still keep on using the EASY Learning Agreement until at least 31/08/2022. At the moment the official deadline for the compulsory use of OLA or an LA connected to EWP is 31/08/2022;
- As the EASY system itself and the Dream Agreement tool are in effect two separate (although connected) modules, all standard EASY functionalities for the management of the applications remain active and not affected by this disconnection, which in fact affects the Learning Agreement only and not the application procedures.

A solution about the implementation of the EASY Learning Agreement connection with EWP will be explored in the coming months. We are not in the position at the moment to give you a timeline regarding this.

For any further questions on this matter please contact me in the coming days and, from 17th January onwards, Konstantinos at the email addresses mentioned above.

Finally, in order to help you deal with these complicated matters, the AEC is eager to provide EASY internal users with general support and basic information on the use of OLA and the Dashboard. Should you think that a specific workshop on this matter should be organized, please send us an email with your indication of interest.

Thank you for your understanding

Best regards

Sara Primiterra

17 Jan 2022